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  • What makes Life's a Buch different?
    Much like other Kombucha available, ours is loaded with probiotics, healthy enzymes, powerful antioxidants, and organic acids. What sets us apart is our mild acidity and low sugar content (only 6 grams of sugar per bottle). It's also lightly carbonated, which gives our kombucha an effervescence that isn't too fizzy or intense. We use organic and local ingredients that not only support your health, but support our community.
  • What is Kombucha?
    Kombucha is an ancient fermented beverage made with water, sugar, tea, and flavorings. It contains beneficial and healthy compounds such as gut-healthy probiotics, organic acids, powerful antioxidants, and essential enzymes. Our Kombucha is fizzy and carbonated, which gives it a similar experience to soda.
  • What are the health benefits of Kombucha?
    Kombucha contains several beneficial compounds, such as probiotics, antioxidants, organic enzymes, and healthy acids. To learn more science-backed benefits, please visit our learn more page.
  • What is a S.C.O.B.Y.?
    S.C.O.B.Y. stands for symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast. It's the colony of organisms that ferments sugar and caffeine into all the healthy compounds that makes Kombucha what it is.
  • How much sugar is in your Kombucha?
    Our Kombucha contains only 6g of sugar per bottle, making it one of the lowest sugar Kombuchas available. We don't add sugar after our primary fermentation.
  • What are your Nutrition Facts?
    You can find our nutrition facts here:
  • Is there alcohol in your Kombucha?
    Yes, but only a fraction of a percent by volume. Legally, Kombucha has to contain less than .5% ABV to be sold in stores and markets. It is less alcohol than a non-alcoholic beer and is considered a negligible amount.
  • How much Kombucha should I drink?
    If you don't consume a lot of probiotic foods, it is generally recommended to begin drinking 4-8oz of Kombucha 2 times a day until your body acclimates. Each following week, you can increase your intake by a few ounces. Ultimately, you could drink 1 to 2 bottles of Kombucha per day if you'd like. There are no studies researching how much Kombucha is too much, however, some of our team drink over a gallon of Kombucha per week and have no adverse effects.
  • Can I drink Kombucha while pregnant?
    It is advised to be cautious and avoid foods with caffeine, alcohol, and non-pasteurized ingredients while pregnant. Although we can't speak to the exact answer to whether or not you can have Kombucha while pregnant, here is some information about our Kombucha so you and your doctor can make an educated decision: Alcohol: less than .5% ABV Caffeine: 10-15mg per 12oz bottle We use pasteurized juices and ingredients in our Kombucha.
  • Can kids drink Kombucha?
    Yes! We love our little Bucha Babes. People of any age can embrace the health benefits of Kombucha. Although there is small amounts of alcohol in Kombucha, this small amount is no different than what’s naturally found in foods like yeast bread, so our kombucha should be safe for young children over age 4.
Kombucha Keg Event Fruit Leather Jerky Wedding Birthday Tea Probiotics Gut Health Fort Col
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