Rachael, The OG Bucha Babe

Our story starts in Fort Collins, Colorado where our Founder and Head Brewmaster, Rachael got her first SCOBY from a work friend. She had constant stomach pain and wanted to find herself a cure that wouldn´t make her end up going to the doctor´s office every other month. She soon started to brew kombucha in her basement apartment and it was love at first taste! Before she knew it, all her friends and co-workers were lining up to buy her kombucha. She had a unique, fun flavor profile with a satisfying effervescence which made it easy to love. In fact, her Blueberry Chai (which is one of their most popular flavors today) was one of the first flavors she ever brewed! With almost ten years experience in the Natural Foods industry, it almost seemed natural to her to turn her love and passion for the fermented tea into a small business! Life’s a Buch Small-Craft kombucha is an organic, bubbly, probiotic drink that will make your taste buds hollar for more! We ferment in 2-gallon glass jars-which makes for a lot of dish washing on our end, but it creates a consistent and authentic taste to the kombucha. We use local ingredients and brew an organic green and black tea blend from our favorite local tea house, Happy Lucky´s Teahouse. We believe this is what truly makes us stand out from our competitors. Our Bucha Babe team is compiled of a handful of people who are energetic, motivated, and inspired to be the best that they can be. We promise to always be a force of good in this world, since we know life can be a buch sometimes.


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